Common AD/LDAP Field Mappings

This topic provides examples of default Active Directory person schema fields and the LDAP attribute names that these fields map to. If your Active Directory deployment modifies the default schema, or if your users do not belong to the default schema, the information in this topic may not apply. Consult your domain administrator if you have questions about your Active Directory deployment.

Active Directory Users and Computers is a tool provided by Microsoft that allows you to manage AD attributes for users. Typically, this tool is located under Start – All Programs – Administrative Tools on the Active Directory server. When you run this tool, navigate to a user object, right-click, and then select Properties. The Properties interface consists of several tabs. Each tab contains fields that correspond to LDAP attributes.

AD field to LDAP attribute mapping is provided in the following tables.

General Tab

Address Tab

Account Tab

Profile Tab

Telephone Tab

Organization Tab

Live Communications Tab


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